What is Cubetopia?

Cubetopia seeks to be the first fully decentralized multiplayer RPG/sandbox game built on the Internet Computer. Cubetopia will allow users to express their creativity on their own unique island on the blockchain. Island ownership will be verified with NFTs on the ICP blockchain. On these islands, players can place and sell NFTs from their wallets. Others can be invited to visit your island with just a simple link.

Cubetopia will further expand from a sandbox experience to a play to earn RPG. Islands will begin to produce resources required to equip players for quests. This equipment can be used in adventures and quests where players will battle monsters in the world of Cubetopia to earn even greater rewards. Completing quests will reward players with unique in-game and on-chain rewards, including cosmetics, NFTs, tokens and tools.

The Roadmap

Phase 0 - Demo Release (Q2 2022)

  • Island Generation

  • Building System

  • NFT + Wallet Integration

  • Multiplayer Integration

  • Voice and Text Chat

  • Initial Community Building

  • Community Partnerships

Phase 1 (Q3 2022)

  • NFT Mint

  • Official Game Trailer

  • Additional Building Features

  • Character Customization

  • Performance and Graphics Improvements

  • Increase Island Multiplayer Player Capacity

  • Singleplayer Quest Demo

  • Tokenomics and P2E Whitepaper Release

Phase 2 (Q4 2022)

  • Resource Farming Release

  • 'Cubetopia Quests' - P2E features

  • Multiplayer Dungeons and Challenges

  • Additional Building Features

  • Character Customization

  • In Game NFT and Blockchain Asset Sales

Phase 3 and Beyond

  • In Game Hub World

  • Island Upgrades

  • In Game Marketplace

  • DeFi and Commercial Integrations

  • Faction Systems

  • Further customisation options and building tools

  • And more to be announced...

Why Cubetopia?


Create structures and builds to make your island your own, or to sell to other players on the in game marketplace.


Cubetopia is built on the Internet Computer. This offers the opportunity for a true dapp, this means Cubetopia is the first metaverse of its kind, allowing further decentralization than what was previously possible.


Cubetopia is a community controlled project, players will be able to vote in impactful polls on how the game will be developed.

Ease of Access

Invite anyone directly to your island with a simple link - instantly transporting anyone in a web browser to your space in The Metaverse.

Integrate and Exchange

Wallet integration allows you to display any ICP NFT on your island, for show, or to sell directly to visitors of your island.


Host your own social events, create a space for your DAO, or run gamified competitions from your own island, only your imagination will be the limit.

Meet The Team



Joey is a game developer from the UK. He has been developing games since he was a child, and entered the crypto space in 2016. He has previously worked professionally as a software engineer working with AI and cyber security, and also as a freelance game developer. He loves to travel, lift weights, and code!



Sam is a data scientist from Switzerland. Sam has background working within financial markets and the medical sector and currently consults some of the worlds largest companies on their marketing strategies. Sam loves a wide variety of sports, you may catch him playing cricket or hockey.


We are currently working through the exact details on our mint, more details will be announced in April.

Each Cubetopia island is a unique blockchain asset you will have secure, provable ownership of. As Cubetopia progresses, islands will be the backbone of the resources required in the wider Play to Earn ecosystem. There will be a limited supply of islands, further adding to their value as the community and userbase of Cubetopia grows.

No! Island owners are able to invite anybody to join on their island. An island will also not be required to complete quests and adventures later in Cubetopia.

The Cubetopia demo is not currently live, however upon launching access will be granted on a rolling basis to the community. The demo will be playable in browser.

The Internet Computer offers us many benefits other platforms do not. By using ICP we have the opportunity to become a totally decentralized metaverse, with no reliance on centralized parties or services.